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‘Flowers In Your Hair’ jewellery encompasses Australian indigenous and introduced flora, carefully collected, dried, arranged and preserved in resin.

My love for flowers has been accentuated in Australia. The biggest book in my parent’s house in Estonia, a massive atlas, has the stain marks of flowers I collected in childhood, dried and tucked between the pages without my parents notice. After some time being in Australia my array of floral specimens grew. Later the day came when I decided to play with my collection. That is how my passion for flora developed into a beautiful series of jewellery.

I handpick my floral specimens myself mostly from urban environments and gardens in the Adelaide region. Opportune finds have also been made on the side of country roads.

I create beautiful earrings, brooches, pendants and rings, bringing the beauty of nature closer to us, for your adornment. With keen interest many that wear my jewellery, also seek to find out what the flowers are, and plant them as seedlings in their own gardens, as I have done.

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