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Having collected many flowers and lived in Estonia for the most of my life; I am fascinated to walk through the Australian bush, manicured gardens and even unkempt abandoned plots of land, to discover new plants and flowers and get some inspiration for my paintings.

I love nature and unique, delicate structures of flowers, shadow play and the feel when my paintbrush touches the wood. I adore Australian flora and reflect this love in my paintings.

Each painting starts with a simple study and a sketch, then drawing detailed outlines on wood blocks. Slowly I fill the spaces with vivid colours. It brings me joy mixing various shades and tones of colours. My paintings don't reflect the perfect botanical structure of the plant, but my perception and feeling it gives me.

The depictions of my works range from the botanical, to the imaginary, with hieroglyphic and iconic motifs. I hope my art will inspire others to stop for a moment and take a careful look at the flowers, appreciating the rich variety and complexity of indigenous flora.

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